Google Co-Founder Was Quizzed About AI And Future Of Smart Glasses: Here’s What He Said

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Google's Project Astra could be the perfect hardware for glasses, says Brin

Google’s Project Astra could be the perfect hardware for glasses, says Brin

Google launched glasses back in 2014 when AI didn’t mature to this level, but project Astra shows the company could really think of bringing it back.

Google smart glasses came out more than 10 years ago and most people were excited about the gadget. However, glasses didn’t really do much, because, as most reviews pointed out, it did not have a killer app. Well, fast-forward to 2024, and Google might have the perfect weapon to make these glasses become a hit now and that is AI.

If you saw Google’s keynote address of the Project Astra earlier this week, you would have noticed the demo showing the AI assistant working through glasses that are powered by its AI tech.

That’s exactly what Google needed back in 2014 with the first-gen glasses but could this be the renaissance of the smart glasses for Google? Sergey Brin, Google Co-founder, was spotted at the I/O where he candidly spoke to the media there about AI and the possible reawakening of the Google Glass.

Sergey talked about how 2014 was a bit too early for the Google Glass, and how AI makes it the ideal wearable for millions going into the future. The Google chief also mentioned that AI is the “perfect hardware” for the glasses, referring to the applications that the technology offers for the smart wearable.

Sergey has always been clear about where he sees the glasses market, it is just that Google saw this futuristic vision a bit too early, which he admits. But if the demand for the Meta Ray Ban glasses is anything to go by, it is time for Google to reconsider its plans in the segment and give glasses another shot, albeit in a more consumer-ready fashion, rather than cater to the premium tech nerds which is a niche segment.

The Meta glasses come for around $300 which is probably the ideal range for Google to bring its next-gen glasses and Gemini AI could have a big say in its prospects, at least going by the demos that showed its potential. The fact that Google even showed Project Astra work on the glasses suggests a new product is imminent.

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