AI Date For You: Dating App Chief Says AI Could Date On Your Behalf In The Future

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Dating apps will use AI and help you meet people, sounds fun?

Dating apps will use AI and help you meet people, sounds fun?

Dating apps could use AI tech to energise the system and help people find dates without actually meeting them. Would you sign up for that?

AI is helping people with knowing their death date or soon it could become a virtual doctor for many. But the advancements are unlikely to end there. Dating apps could soon be the next frontier for AI and in the future you could even use the technology to meet girls on your behalf.

People nowadays are exhausted trying to navigate the dating world, where meeting hundreds of matches can be tedious but inevitable. AI could actually help people avoid this huge step and date for them and match with the perfect partners. Bumble is one of the leading dating apps and one of the few that focuses on women and their interests.

Bumble founder has talked about the scope of AI in dating and how it could change the concept which might appeal to some but feel weird to others. Whitney Wolfe Herd, who has just stepped down from her role as CEO of Bumble, was quoted saying at a tech event, about the future of dating and where AI could fit into the equation.

It is even possible that AI will help people share their emotions and thoughts without feeling that they are being judged. ““You could, in the near future, be talking to your AI dating concierge and you could share your insecurities, and then it could give you productive tips for communicating with other people,” she says.

If you thought that is an intriguing take on the role of AI in dating for the future, then you should definitely hear what Herd had to say next. ““There is a world where your dating concierge could go and date for you with other dating concierge, and then you don’t have to talk to 600 people,” she was quoted saying.

What she means is that an AI agent will date on your behalf and the other person will also use AI to make it happen. These AI features will not only help the company increase its monetisation models but also engage more people to involve themselves with these convenient tools.

Will these AI-reliant people ever get the right matches or partners? Only time will tell. However, you could get a sense that sci-fi shows like Dark Mirror were totally in line with the future we are headed towards and what apps like Bumble envisage with AI are truly fascinating and frightening at the same time.

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