AI Assistant To WhatsApp Video Calls: Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Get New Features

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AI features are coming to the Meta Ray Ban smart glasses and WhatsApp video calls too.

AI features are coming to the Meta Ray Ban smart glasses and WhatsApp video calls too.

Meta smart glasses have become popular for the versatile features even though it costs over Rs 25,000 in the market but not in countries like India.

Last year, tech giant Meta, in collaboration with luxury eyeglasses brand Ray-Ban, introduced its second-generation smart glasses. It received positive feedback from users. These smart glasses facilitate video recording, and photo capture, and operate on Augmented Reality technology. These glasses come with built-in speakers, camera, and microphones, all while looking like a normal pair of sunglasses. Pretty exciting, right?

Hold onto your hats because Meta has some exciting updates for its Ray-Ban smart glasses. The company recently unveiled a groundbreaking multimodal Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature which empowers an AI assistant to analyze images and videos captured by the camera, providing a contextual understanding of the surroundings.

For instance, if a user wants to identify a bird species or translate a foreign-language menu, they can effortlessly utilize the camera and Meta AI feature for instant information and text translation. It’s as easy as pie!

Meta has been rigorously testing the update since last year, and now it’s being rolled out in beta version for users in the US and Canada. The company now also allows users to make video calls using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This feature provides all the users with a convenient way to share their point-of-view during conversations.

Also, the tech giant has taken care of the fashion enthusiasts too as they have introduced new Ray Ban smart glasses with fresh designs. These include the new Skyler frames which are designed for people with smaller faces and are now available for pre-order. The existing headliner models are also getting some new colours added.

Furthermore, Meta has also added Apple Music to its smart glasses. Meta Smart Glasses are currently available in over 15 countries including the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, France and Germany. As of now, the gadget is not officially available in India.

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