Will MacBooks Ever Come With Touch Screen Like Windows Laptops? Here’s What Apple Says

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Apple once again tells us if a MacBook with touch display is expected anytime soon.

Apple once again tells us if a MacBook with touch display is expected anytime soon.

Apple has the iPad and MacBook in its lineup but even today there is no Mac with a touch display. Will that ever happen though?

Apple has the Macs and iPads and now we have seen their hardware converge which hasn’t happened before. So, does this mean Apple wants to bring the iPad and Macs together, i.e. we could finally have a MacBook with touch screen? Well, the company is still very clear about how it wants to position the iPad and Mac and it doesn’t see them competing with each other any time soon.

Recently, we have heard rumours about Apple actually planning for a MacBook with touch display but a senior executive has once again poured cold water on the excitement shared by the fanboys. Tom Boger, Vice president, Product Marketing for iPad and Mac was quoted saying that Macs will not support touch displays, at least in the near future.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal this week, Boger pointed out that the iPad has always been a touch-first device, which effectively rules out touch support coming to Macs. He even said that MacBooks are for indirect manipulation which means you use a keyboard, mouse with the device.

Boger even explains that MacOS is for a very different paradigm of computing, and it is Apple’s way of saying, hey, why not buy the iPad and MacBook and get the best of both the worlds. After all, buying both the devices means more money into Apple’s coffers, right?

All said and done, a touchscreen MacBook isn’t the most out-of-the box idea that people have talked about for years. Windows laptops have come with a touch screen for a long time, and looking at the prices of the Macs you get these days, it is evident that major hardware upgrades, besides the new M-series silicone, are necessary.

Apple has also talked about the purpose of launching the new iPad Air and Pro models and how they differ. The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models have confused most people, especially because the 2024 iPad Pro is now lighter and thinner than the iPad Air 2024 version. So, how does Apple now justify the ‘Air’ moniker if that badge belongs to iPad Pro?

One of the senior Apple executives has extensively talked about the recent changes in an interview, and also explained the purpose of the iPad Air in its lineup. Greg Joswiak, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Apple, mentioned that the ‘Air’ iPad now basically brings Pro-exclusive features to a lower price. So, if you don’t need an OLED display and the latest M4 chipset, the 13-inch iPad Air will be enough for most users.

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