WhatsApp Now Lets iPhone Users Login Without Using Passwords: Here’s How

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WhatsApp users on iPhone can now login without using their password and OTP

WhatsApp users on iPhone can now login without using their password and OTP

Passkeys are now available with Google and Apple accounts but WhatsApp offering this for iPhone users will surely help millions.

WhatsApp is finally entering the passwordless world which means you can log in to your WhatsApp account without remembering the password. That’s right, the messaging app now supports passkeys for iPhone users that can be enabled using Face ID or Touch ID depending on which iPhone model you are using.

Google and Microsoft have already shown us a future where passwords become redundant and WhatsApp joining the ranks speeds up the process of apps and your digital accounts becoming secure behind biometric security. WhatsApp users on Android got the passkeys back in October last year and now iPhone users can benefit from its compatibility. The update for WhatsApp iOS will be released soon when the option will be available in the settings of the platform.

WhatsApp Protection Via Passkeys: What Is it And How It Works

Passkeys basically let you bypass the traditional login channels that include passwords and two-factor authentication via SMS on your registered phone number. With this feature, all you need to use is Face ID or Touch ID feature on your iPhone to get started on WhatsApp. What you also benefit from using passkeys is that hackers cannot remotely access your WhatsApp data and they will need your biometric details which cannot be done without force.

So, how can iPhone users enable passkeys for their WhatsApp account? Follow these steps to get started:

– Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

– Click on Account – go to Passkeys

– Create Passkeys – click on continue to start the process

– You can create the passkey after confirming the screen lock for the device

WhatsApp has not said when the update will be rolling out but a gradual process usually takes a few weeks to fully reach the users and we expect the same. In the meanwhile, the beta Android version is getting some useful features like ability to share files offline with other users and an in-app dialer feature on WhatsApp that lets you call even the non-contacts from the platform.

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