Govt Issues Major Security Risk For Microsoft Edge Browser: What You Should Do

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CERT-In is back with another security bulletin for Edge users.

CERT-In is back with another security bulletin for Edge users.

Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium engine and the browser has some security risks that need your immediate attention.

The Indian government has warned users about a major security issue concerning the Microsoft Edge web browser this week. The new security bulletin via the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-In gives the security warning a high rating.

The security agency claims that the web browser from Microsoft has multiple security vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to cause denial of service condition, remote code execution and bypass the security of your device and give them access to the data.

Microsoft Edge Browser CERT-In Security Alert: What It Says

The agency has also given the details of the issue and how it could affect the targeted devices. “These vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Edge due to object corruption in V8 and WebAssembly, Use after free V8, Downloads and QUIC and out of bounds read in fonts. A remote attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by sending a specially crafted request on the targeted system,” CERT-In mentions in its notes.

Which Microsoft Edge Versions Affected

It also mentions that the security issue is affecting Edge browser stable version prior to 124.0.2478.51. So if you have versions higher than this one, you are protected by the latest Microsoft patch for the update.

As general practice goes with these security risks, the best way to avoid falling prey for such attempts are:

– Never open emails from unknown senders

– Never download any attachments given in an email from unknown people

– Never click on on any link given in the mail from unknown people

The good news is that Microsoft has already issued a security bulletin for this issue, so we suggest you update the Edge browser on your PC and other devices right away. You can go to Microsoft Edge – Help And Feedback – About Microsoft Edge and you will automatically see the latest version installed on the device.

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