Google Wants To Stop Bank Frauds By Using AI Tech To Listen To Your Calls: Should We Worry?

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Google wants to help you using AI but at what cost?

Google wants to help you using AI but at what cost?

Google introduced its new Gemini Nano AI tech that can help with real-time call alerts if you are being scammed.

Millions of people are losing their money to bank frauds and major AI scams these days. Everyone wants tech companies and telcos to find a solution to this menace. Well, Google thinks it might have the answer. Talking about it at the Google I/O 2024 keynote this week, the company shared the details about its new spam detection mechanism that will rely on AI to make it happen during the calls and give you real-time alerts for any red flags.

Google demoed the Gemini AI on Android during the keynote on Tuesday, and one of the most useful purposes of the AI tech could be to protect people against these scams.

It is intriguing to hear Google talk about using AI to thwart these scams that are itself being generated and developed using AI these days. Having said that, it is likely that Google and other tech giants feel only AI can prevent AI from harming humans.

Google Spam Call Alert AI Tech: How It Works

Google has specially talked about Gemini Nano being the on-device technology that is allowing AI to do its work. “Thanks to Gemini Nano, Android will warn you in the middle of a call as soon as it detects suspicious activity, like being asked for your social security number and bank info,” the company explains the need for a tool like this today.

For example, you would receive an alert if a “bank representative” asks you to urgently transfer funds, make a payment with a gift card or requests personal information like card PINs or passwords, which are uncommon bank requests, Google cites one of the main aspects of these attacks on people.

But hearing all this, the first thing you might think about is that Google will use AI to track and listen to your calls. Surely that isn’t ideal for anyone, especially when AI could be misused by the bad actors.

This is where Google assures that using Gemini Nano AI tech means all the data processed to scan through these calls happen on the phone which means they will never be transferred to any other service and stays on the device.

The company also pointed out that the real-time spam alert feature will be opt-in so Google won’t have it enabled for everyone. While Google has not mentioned the exact timeline for this feature to roll out, it has said that more will be revealed later this year. We expect Google to keep its exclusive to the Pixel phones initially that support Gemini Nano AI model, and also want people to use its default dialer app to let the feature do its job. Does this mean that Google might not be able to help millions from these scams? Quite likely.

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