Google Brings ‘Ask Photos’ AI Tech Which Makes Search Easier And Quicker: Here’s How

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Ask Photos uses Gemini AI to give you quick filtered results.

Ask Photos uses Gemini AI to give you quick filtered results.

Google is using Gemini AI model to power its Photos app which can give you customised and contextual results.

Google says more than 6 billion photos are uploaded to the Photos app every day. So, you can imagine the nightmare of people if they have to search through hundreds or thousands of their photos to find the right one.

The company claims Ask Photos will make it easier to search across your photos and videos with the help of Gemini models. It goes beyond simple search to understand context and answer more complex questions.

“With Ask Photos, you can ask for what you’re looking for in a natural way, like: “Show me the best photo from each national park I’ve visited.” Google Photos can show you what you need, saving you from all that scrolling,” Google explains in this post.

The true extent of the AI learning through the available data will be evident once the public release has access to the billions of photos on the platform. But it goes without saying that searching photos can be a pain and AI is probably the best tool to simplify this process and give quick results. Now, imagine, if you can filter through specific photos that are not only based on a particular timeline but also refer to a subject.

For instance, you have tracked your brother or dog’s growth over the years, and want photos that summarise that trajectory. Google will allow Ask Photos to access the data and give you the customised results.

Google assures that data in Photos is never used for ads, and your data/conversations in Ask Photos will not be reviewed by people, unless it is a rare case to address abuse or harm.

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