Google Brings 3D Virtual Meeting With Project Starline: What Is It And How it Works

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Project starline has been around since 2021 but now coming to people.

Project starline has been around since 2021 but now coming to people.

Google introduced the project back in 2021 but now it will be available on the big screen with select brands like HP for the consumers.

Google unveiled a breakthrough technology project named ‘Project Starline’ in 2021 that enables friends and families to feel like they’re together from any distance. Using advancements in AI, 3D imaging, and other technologies, Google shared that the Starline works like a “magic window.”

It allows users to talk, gesture, and make eye contact with another person, just like they would if they were in the same room. Following thousands of hours of trials, Google said that Starline is an improvement over traditional video calls. This project leads to better attentiveness, memory recall, and an overall sense of presence.

Taking this vision to another level, Google recently announced that they are bringing the immersive video conferencing technology “out of the lab.” In their blog post, the company also mentioned that they are partnering with HP to start commercialising this unique experience in 2025.

Citing the reason behind partnering with HP to start commercialisation, Google stated, “HP’s expertise in computing, combined with their investment in Poly’s collaboration solutions, makes them ideally positioned to deliver new and innovative experiences globally.”

President of Personal Systems at HP, Alex Cho, says, “With more than half of meaning and intent communicated through body language versus words alone, an immersive collaboration experience plays an important role in creating authentic human connections in hybrid environments.”

“We are proud to partner with Google to bring this technology to market, harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of collaboration,” he added.

According to 9to5 Google, Project Starline provides a 30 percent boost in memory recall and a 15 percent increase in visual attentiveness. Starline conversations also consist of up to 50 percent more non-verbal communication, like signals, subtle gestures, and expressions.

The focus of Google is to connect distributed teams and individuals in the workplace. Google is working to enable it directly from the video conferencing services in use today, such as Google Meet and Zoom. Meanwhile, Google will share more details about Project Starline later this year.

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