Worried About Your Data Leaking? 5 Tips To Protect WhatsApp Chats

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Use these tips to keep your chats secure, even the ones stored on the cloud.

Use these tips to keep your chats secure, even the ones stored on the cloud.

WhatsApp chats are important and some times people keep a lot of private details on the app trusting its security. Use these tips to protect the chats.

In today’s digital world, one of the most used applications is WhatsApp. It is a free, multifunctional, and multiplatform messaging application that enables users to send texts, images, videos, etc. to other users for free. As much as the application has been widely used, securing the content and the conversation on the platform is of paramount importance.

There have been various cases of online scams where people have suffered from leaked chats and conversations. As a result, it is quite essential to secure the data. Over the years, WhatsApp has strived to secure chats, images, videos, and other forms of communication within the app.

Here’s a look at five tips with which users can secure their content on WhatsApp:

1- Using Disappearing Messages

If the user senses that their chats or conversations are under surveillance or suspects that they are being monitored, then they can opt for the ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature. This feature will ensure that the chats will be deleted automatically. The user will be asked to set a time for 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. Once the period is selected, chats will be deleted once the stipulated time is over, leaving no traces behind. This feature applies to all multimedia files as well.

2- Enabling Chat Lock

This feature gives an extra mode of security to chats. If the users feel that there is unauthorised access to their device, they can keep a particular chat locked. This acts as a proactive shield for sensitive or private conversations. To apply this feature, users will have to select a particular chat, and the option for ‘Lock Chat’ will appear. After selecting the option, the chat will be locked, and no one will be able to access it.

3- End-to-End Encryption by Default

It is advised that the users should always keep their end-to-end encryption enabled for all their chats. It is believed that this cryptographic protection means that not even WhatsApp will be able to access the content of the chats.

4- Protection Against Spam Calls

To secure the content from unknown and spam calls, users can opt for the ‘Silence Unknown Caller’ and ‘Call Relay’ features. These features will not only secure against potential scams but also conceal the IP address during calls.

5- Encrypting Cloud Backups

Another way to secure the content is by encrypting chat backups that are stored on the cloud. This will help in securing the data from unauthorised access by tech giants like Google and Apple for the backed-up content.

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