WhatsApp Chats Have Gone Green For Users And Nobody Knows Why

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WhatsApp users are seeing green everywhere but why did it happen?

WhatsApp users are seeing green everywhere but why did it happen?

WhatsApp users are getting a new update which has turned the chat interface into green and people are not sure whether to like or hate it.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used apps in the world, so any change in it, no matter how minor, is scrutinised by users. The Meta-owned instant messaging company is believed to be introducing a new user interface (UI) in which everything is painted green to match its colour.

As per reports, the update is being rolled out on both iPhones and Android smartphones. Initial reports regarding the change came earlier this month, but it appears that the upgrade is coming to users in India.

The update does not appear to be reaching all users at this time. “We’ve made some changes to how WhatsApp looks and feels, including spacing, colours, icons and more. These changes bring a modern, new experience to WhatsApp and make it more accessible and easier to use,” WhatsApp confirmed in a blog post. According to the company, this update will be sent to all app users, albeit it might take a few days for them to get to everyone.

WhatsApp for Android: What Has Changed

Dark Mode is much darker, and those who utilise Light Mode will notice more white space in the UI. The colour scheme has been altered throughout WhatsApp. There is a green shade that matches the brand’s colour. “Some of the icons and buttons look different, including the shape and colour. Some parts of WhatsApp are more spaced out than before,” the instant messaging app said.

The WhatsApp logo will be in the Chats tab, and the navigation tabs that were previously located at the top of the screen will now be at the bottom.

WhatsApp for iOS: What Has Changed

Some iPhone users in India are reporting similar changes, with their screens now sporting a green tint that matches the brand colour. On the other hand, the Dark Mode and Light Mode remain unchanged. Additionally, there is no change on the navigation controls front, as WhatsApp on iPhones previously had them on the bottom.

Whether they like it or not, all users will eventually be switched to the greener interface as a result of the mandatory update. It’s been reported that some users have already begun criticising the green upgrade on social media.

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