Tesla Lays Off Indian Techie After 7 Years Who Was Promoted Last Month

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. (Photo Credits: X

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. (Photo Credits: X

Tesla first started their layoffs last month, terminating 10 per cent of the company’s global workforce of 140,000 people.

With the ongoing appraisal season, employees are eagerly expecting a raise for their hard work. Despite that, many employees have to face the brunt of being laid off in the tech industry. Amid the layoffs, an Indian employee has found herself facing a devastating blow as she was asked to leave after working at a popular tech company for more than seven years. The company is none other than Tesla.

The tech giants first started their layoffs last month, terminating 10 per cent of the company’s global workforce of 140,000 people. The layoff has come as a shock to her and her family, as she had just been promoted. Her brother took to social media and shared her story with everyone.

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Jatin Saini, who is an employee at the advertising agency House of Creators, shared her sister’s story on LinkedIn. She was recently laid off after working for seven years at Tesla. He shared a screenshot of the cold email that her sister received from Tesla.

A part of the email read, “Unfortunately, as a result, your position has been eliminated by this restructuring.” He added that his sister had dedicated seven years of her life to working at Elon Musk’s company but only ended up being laid off. In his post, he continued saying that it was just last month when his sister was celebrating her promotion and was excited to relocate from New Jersey to Washington, DC. But her plans were shattered after she received that email from the company.

He also mentioned in his post, “She is not alone. On 15th April, Tesla laid off 16,000 employees. Then, 15 days later, they laid off another 500 employees. 2 days ago, she also got the email along with 75% of her team.”

He further added that it was a very disheartening feeling for his sister when she couldn’t enter her own office, where she had worked for more than seven years. He said that one email had made his sister feel like an outsider.

Tesla had let go of thousands of employees from different departments. The tech company had to cut down its overall workforce by 10 per cent mainly due to the challenges it faced in its sales.

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