OpenAI Powers ChatGPT-4o With Human-Like Voice: AI-To-AI Interaction Makes It Unreal

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ChatGPT 4o is able to read text, interpret audio and talk through a phone's camera

ChatGPT 4o is able to read text, interpret audio and talk through a phone’s camera

OpenAI has launched the new ChatGPT 4o version which now interprets text, audio and even videos through your smartphone and responds faster.

OpenAI is ready to show us movie-level AI tech in our palms thanks to the advancement made in quick time. The new ChatGPT 4o (‘o’ stands for omni) promises to give you AI interaction like you have never seen before, except for in movies like Her that showed the power and potential of AI many years back.

Just say the wake word Hey, ChatGPT gets the new version of the AI chatbot talking and does a lot more this time around. ChatGPT 4o is built with the help of more advanced tech which makes it faster, accurate and more resourceful, more so than what Google Assistant or Siri has offered for years.

ChatGPT 4o: How Is It Better Than ChatGPT 4?

ChatGPT 4o is better than ChatGPT 4 in many ways that you could only imagine earlier but now OpenAI is slowly but surely making it real. The new version of the AI chatbot is able to help you with live translation. Check out this demo video where ChatGPT 4o is seamless helping the person translate from English to Italian and vice versa.

But that’s not all, in this video, you can see ChatGPT 4o enabling the person to interact with ChatGPT on another device, where you can access the AI chatbot through the phone’s camera and help the AI chatbot on the other device to see the person and his surroundings through its eyes.

You can also see the range of emotions presented by ChatGPT 4o in all these demos and even for a version 1.0 of the 4o, the results and response time of the AI chatbot is quite something. If that doesn’t get you excited or scared in equal measure, then OpenAI has even managed to get ChatGPT 4o singing to each other through separate devices.

“The new voice (and video) mode is the best computer interface I’ve ever used. It feels like AI from the movies; and it’s still a bit surprising to me that it’s real. Getting to human-level response times and expressiveness turns out to be a big change,” Sam Altman, CEO, OpenAI penned his views in this post.

The most interesting aspect of these ChatGPT 4o demos is that OpenAI has extensively used iPhones to showcase its capability and no sign of Android phones during the event. We’re likely to see things evolve once ChatGPT 4o is ready for a public release in the coming weeks.

ChatGPT 4o Availability And Support: Will The Free Users Get It?

OpenAI says GPT-4o will be available to all users in the coming weeks. And the best thing about the development is that ChatGPT 4o could be offered to those who use the free version of ChatGPT as well, the company adds.

If this is what AI promises to be in the near future then both Google and Apple will have to make huge strides in the next few months to battle it out in the arena.

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