New Lemon Snack Trend Goes Viral, Is It Okay To Consume Whole Lemons?

A TikToker started the trend by consuming Lemon Snack's edible whole lemon. (Representative Image: Getty Images)

A TikToker started the trend by consuming Lemon Snack’s edible whole lemon. (Representative Image: Getty Images)

Following the latest viral trend, people are consuming whole lemons including the peel and the rind.

The internet is filled with every sort of food experiment and trend. From preparing unique dishes to trying out weird food combinations, food trends go viral quickly. One such viral trend to take over the internet is digging into whole lemons, including the peel and the rind. The trend gained traction after a curious TikToker discovered snackable lemons from an Italian company called Lemon Snack. The influencer revealed that the small-sized lemons are not only low in acidity but also have edible peels and are rich in antioxidants, especially if consumed directly.

While the lemons are indeed an exotic variant, their lack of availability has prompted social media users to try out the viral trend with regular lemons. Now the question arises: is consuming whole lemons good for one’s health?

Eating whole lemons good for health?

According to The Indian Express report, Guru Prasad Das, a senior dietician at CARE Hospitals in Bhubaneswar, explains that lemons are good options for health snacking, particularly for their high vitamin C content that helps to support the immune system, promote collagen synthesis for healthy skin, and aid in the absorption of iron. Further noting that while the anti-inflammatory properties in lemons reduce the risk of chronic diseases, he also added that the peel contains higher concentrations of fibre, vitamin C, and various phytochemicals compared to the flesh.

On the contrary, Dr Das also cautioned about consuming whole lemons, as they can even cause adverse reactions. Also, lemons must be washed thoroughly to remove any surface contaminants, including pesticides or wax coatings.

As stated by the Center for Food Safety, eating lemons along with peels is completely safe as it helps to cut down on food waste. However, they are very acidic, thus one must consume them in moderation and after proper preparation.

Amid the ongoing ‘lemon snack’ trend, a section of social media users expressed their frustration over it. A user wrote, “WHY IS MY TWITTER FEED FILLED WITH THINGS EATING LEMONS AND THEN THEIR FACE SCRUNCHING UP,” while another tweeted, “isee a lot of people eating lemons so I’ll eat one too.”

Some even admitted to eating whole lemons for a long time. A user wrote, “I eat regular lemons all the time. I just really like them,” while another said, “Are all peels not edible? I’ve been eating whole lemons with salt since I was a kid.”

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