Head To These 6 Restaurants For Mango Delights In Kolkata

Explore Kolkata’s vibrant culinary scene this summer with a variety of mango-themed delights. Indulge in a tropical paradise of mango-infused dishes, from refreshing salads and zesty appetisers to decadent desserts that celebrate the season’s bounty. Whether you’re craving a mango-inspired sushi cake, creamy mango mousse, or a tangy mango salad, each bite promises a sweet escape into the world of ripe, juicy mangoes. Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to savor the essence of summer at various locations across the city.

Paprika Gourmet

What: Embark on a tropical journey with Paprika Gourmet’s Mango special delights!

Where: Surbhi Building, 8/1/2, Loudon Street, 1st Floor. Kolkata

When: Until July’24

Time: 9:00 – 7:00 pm

On The Menu: Step into a summery paradise with Paprika Gourmet’s Mango Menu! Their dishes celebrate everything mango, offering a delightful blend of tropical flavours. From refreshing appetisers to mouthwatering desserts, each bite is a juicy explosion of mango goodness, making every meal a sweet escape you won’t want to miss!

Indulge in the Mango Sushi Cake, a layered fusion of mango salsa and cream cheese, adorned with chopped mango and a sprinkle of togarashi and crunchy peanuts. Dive into the freshness of the Mango Mexican Bowl, layered with vibrant mango salsa and juicy mango chunks. Satisfy your sweet cravings with the Mango Cream Box, featuring a vanilla sponge infused with mango puree and topped with creamy goodness. Delight in the comfort of the Mango Sticky Rice served with coconut milk and garnished with fried moong and mango. Treat yourself to the Mango Tiramisu, a creamy concoction of mascarpone cheese, mango puree, and ladyfinger biscuits, topped with mango slices. For a handheld treat, try the Mango Cakesicles, combining vanilla sponge with mango puree, dipped in white chocolate and mango.

Unwind and delight in a culinary journey through the vibrant flavours of mango, ensuring each order is a memorable tropical escape!

Meal Point: Rs 500 onwards

Homely Zest

What: Enjoy a Mangolicious Summer with treats from Homely Zest!

Where: 21 Mandeville Garden, Kolkata

When: Until July’24

Time: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

On the Menu: The onset of summer marks the advent of the king of fruits, Mango. To celebrate the mango season Homely Zest has introduced an all new menu featuring dishes packed with light and fresh seasonal ingredients. So get ready to savour the season’s bounty and indulge in Homely Zest’s specially curated “All Things Mango” menu.

Indulge in a wide array of mango-infused Salads like Mango Black Bean Salad, the fusion of protein-packed black beans and succulent mangoes offers a uniquely versatile combination of beans and fruit. Feel the punch of tropical vibes with the Tropical Mango Salad with Coconut flakes, where sweet mangoes are harmoniously paired with roasted coconut flakes, crunchy red cabbage, salted peanuts and fresh herbs, all accentuated by a tangy lime dressing. Delight in the refreshing blend of cold mango and zucchini noodles, creamy avocado, edamame, and fresh herbs, drizzled with a spicy citrus dressing in the Mango Noodle Salad with Spicy Sesame Citrus Dressing. Experience an explosion of freshness in Thai Mango Salad, as ripe mangoes mingle with crispy bean sprouts and peppers in a spicy, tangy dressing. Lastly, savour the classic combination of sweet mango, and creamy feta cheese in the Mango, Feta, and Rocket Leaves Salad. With each salad offering a unique twist on the beloved fruit, prepare for your taste buds to be pleasantly delighted.

Conclude your meal on a sweet note with irresistible mango-infused desserts. Mango Chenna Pak, an Indian delight, blends homemade chenna with Alphonso mangoes and saffron for a rich, exotic flavour. Indulge in the creamy Mango Mousse, boasting intense Alphonso mango and fluffy cream. Lastly, dive into the frozen layers of Mango Monte Carlo, a beloved dessert featuring ice cream, cake, and luscious Alphonso mangoes. These desserts promise a delightful finish, capturing the essence of ripe mangoes in every bite.

Keep yourself cool this summer and order the mango special menu from Homely Zest!

Price for two: Rs. 1200 + taxes

Hard Rock Cafe, Kolkata

What: Embrace the Flavours of Summer at Hard Rock Cafe, Kolkata!

Where: 57-A, Park Street, Taltala, Kolkata

When: Until July’24

Time: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am

On the menu: Hard Rock Cafe presents its latest culinary delight: a special Summer menu capturing the season’s essence. From refreshing salads to tantalising appetisers and decadent desserts, each dish is meticulously crafted to savour the spirit of summer.

Dive into the refreshing Honey Citrus Salad, where every bite is a burst of vibrant flavours. Indulge your taste buds with the Char-Grilled Quesadilla, packed with a mix of sweet pineapple, savoury meats and gooey cheeses. And don’t miss out on The Big Mex Burger, a fiesta of Mexican-inspired spices and bold toppings.

Quench your thirst with refreshing coolers like the Mango Berry Blast, a tropical fusion of ripe mangos, succulent strawberries, tangy pineapple juice, and zesty orange juice, topped with our signature house-made sour mix and lemon-lime soda. Alternatively, savour the invigorating Mango Tango, crafted with the energising kick of Red Bull, blended with the finest Mango purée and a touch of vibrant orange juice. Each sip is an irresistible journey into the heart of summer.

Conclude your meal on a sweet note with delicious Ice Cream flavours available in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. The cool and creamy goodness makes every bite perfect and refreshing.

Price for 2: Rs. 2000

Yauatcha, Kolkata

What: Summer Bliss: Yauatcha’s Refreshing Summer Offerings

Where: 5th Floor, Quest Mall, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Park Circus, Beck Bagan,

Ballygunge, Kolkata

When: Until July’24

On the Menu: Yauatcha welcomes you to indulge in the epitome of summer sophistication with a menu that is a harmonious blend of flavours that promises to delight your palate.

This summer savour the Mixed salad with lotus root, offering a refreshing twist to your dining experience. For those with a sweet tooth, indulge in the Mango & Mascarpone ice cream, a creamy indulgence, where the vibrant essence of ripe mango meets the luxurious creaminess of mascarpone cheese, enhancing the experience with its refreshing and decadent flavour profile. Cool off this summer with invigorating beverages. Try the Cucumber and Lime fusion for a crisp blend of cucumber, lime and fragrant jasmine tea, perfect for beating the heat. Or opt for the bold flavours of the Tokyo Cooler, combining raspberry, lemongrass, elderflower, peach, and guava for a refreshing kick with every sip.

Meal for two: Rs. 3000/-

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick

What: Mango Mania: Kolkata’s Sweetest Summer Treats Await at Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick

Where: 2, Paddapukur Road, Jadubabur Bazar, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

When: Until July’24

Time: 9:00- 9:30 pm

Experience the vibrant flavours of summer at Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick. This season, indulge your senses with their special Mango menu, crafted to perfection for mango enthusiasts.

Indulge in the Mango Chop, a savoury delight featuring a juicy mango filling wrapped in a crispy coating. Treat yourself to the Mango Gelato, a creamy delight infused with the tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes. It’s a refreshing escape into summer! Experience a tropical twist on a classic favourite with the Mango Rossogolla. Each soft, spongy ball is infused with the juicy goodness of mangoes, creating a burst of sweet and tangy flavours with every bite. Try out the Mango Sorer Roll, a delightful confection that combines the buttery richness of soft dough with the vibrant sweetness of sweet mangoes. Experience the essence of tradition with the Lichur Payesh, a timeless Bengali rice pudding infused with the delicate flavour of lychee. Creamy and aromatic, each spoonful is a journey through the rich culinary heritage of Kolkata, offering a perfect blend of sweetness and fragrance.

Savour the essence of summer with Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick’s Mango Menu, where each bite celebrates the season’s bounty.

Price Point for 2: Rs 300 plus taxes


What: Sunshine on a Plate: Ambrosia’s Summer Delights

Where: Ambrosia, 90/B Hazra Road. Near UCO Bank and Maharashtra Niwas.

When: Until July’24

Time: 11 am to 7 pm

Indulge in the flavours of the season with Ambrosia’s exclusive summer special offerings. From refreshing salads to tantalising wraps, the culinary creations are designed to elevate your dining experience. Each dish is crafted using fresh ingredients to ensure a burst of flavour in every bite. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or treating yourself to a solo feast, let Ambrosia be your guide to a summer filled with delectable delights.

Start with the Fattoush Salad, a refreshing mix of crisp greens, crunchy vegetables and tangy dressing, topped with toasted pita chips. Immerse yourself in the Bruschetta Basket, featuring freshly baked bread slices adorned with ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil, and drizzled with the pure essence of extra virgin olive oil. Elevate your salad game with the Rocket Citrus Salad, combining peppery arugula with succulent citrus and zesty dressing. Dive into the exotic flavours of Southeast Asia with the Vietnamese Rolls, a delightful medley of fresh herbs and crunchy vegetables wrapped in rice paper. Bask in the summer vibes with the Water Chestnut Wrap! Soft tortillas filled with crunchy water chestnuts, all topped by a sweet chilli sauce for a burst of summery flavour in every bite.

Dig in with the Cheese Platter – a winning combination of artisanal cheeses, crunchy crackers and juicy fruits. Lastly, the Mini Avocado Tacos are here to steal the show! Packed with creamy avocado, fresh salsa and a sprinkle of summer magic, each crispy taco shell is a tiny treasure trove of flavour.

Let Ambrosia be your go-to for the ultimate summer dining experience!

Price for two: Rs. 1800

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