Google Pixel 8a Likely To Get AI Features And 7 OS Updates Like Its Flagship Brothers: All Details

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Google Pixel 8a could launch at the I/O 2024 in May

Google Pixel 8a could launch at the I/O 2024 in May

Google Pixel 8a launch is expected during the I/O 2024 keynote in May and more details have leaked about the supposed Pixel a-series model.

Google Pixel 8a launch is expected in May, most likely during the I/O 2024 keynote in the next few weeks. Most of the Pixel 8a launch rumours hint at premium features in a mid-range package but new leaks suggest Google could pack in a few surprises for the buyers. Google has generally divided the approach with the Pixel a-series model and its flagship but that gap could be narrowed this year.

Google Pixel 8a Leak: What It Says

The leaked promotional material of the Pixel 8a hints that Google will power the device with the Tensor G3 chipset like the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models.

Does that mean Pixel 8a will be getting a slew of AI features that we have come across the high-end model? The leak seems to highlight these aspects with a special focus on features like audio magic eraser, night sight and best take when it comes to the AI camera tools.

More importantly, Google could offer 7 OS updates promised for the Pixel 8a model as well, which will be a first for the mid-range lineup and probably the most you can get from a phone in its range. We are still not sure if and how the Pixels will last for this long on the same hardware, but it is good to see these changes, if it does become official from Google next month.

Google Pixel 8a Launch Price And Features Expected

Google Pixel 8a launch has not been confirmed but new leaks suggest the Pixel 8a price could be around $500-$550 (Rs 44,000 approx) this year. Google Pixel 7a launched for around Rs 43,000 in the Indian market last year and we are hoping Google keeps the pricing at a similar range for the Pixel 8a model as well.

In terms of the design, we might see a more rounded approach with the Pixel 8a which should give it a better in-hand feel and grip. Google is unlikely to bump up the screen size beyond 6.1-inch once again, but we could see a 256GB storage variant this year, which will definitely work for many of you.

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