Google Layoffs Continue By Firing The Python Team: Here’s What The Company Said

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Google did the sensible thing by firing the twenty-eight Hamas supporters last week, writes the author.

Google did the sensible thing by firing the twenty-eight Hamas supporters last week, writes the author.

Google is planning for big changes with the development of AI and that it coming at the cost of teams being cut down to save costs.

Google is planning for its future in the AI arena but the company is equally invested in cutting down its workforce. We have already seen Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google share these concerns earlier this year and now the company is pulling the plug on another team to save its cost.

Reports claim Google has fired the entire Python team and is even planning to run the business with the help of cheap labour from outside of the United States. These sudden layoffs clearly hinder the employees, especially for those who have worked at Google for many years.

Google has finally spoken on the matter and has been quoted saying that the “latest round of layoffs are part of its organisational restructuring efforts,” as said to TechCrunch. The company also has talked about offering these people to join other teams, which does feel rather odd when the Python team has a specific expertise that it brings to Google.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Google is going to set up a new team in Munich, Germany which will cost Google less than what its local talent commands in salaries. The Python team is basically a group of engineers handling the demands and issues faced by the programming language which is used in various Google products and keeping them running stable.

The report doesn’t say how much Google will save with these changes but it seems the company felt convinced about its move. Google has also said that it plans to compensate the laid off team which we are hoping includes a decent severance and possibly look out for other job prospects if things don’t work out internally.

This isn’t the last time we are hearing about Google layoff stories in the news this year but hopefully the company will plan for these changes rather than throw these surprises on the affected group.

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