Apple Finally Tells What Is Different About the New iPad Air Model And Who Should Buy It

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Apple's senior marketing exec tells us the reason for the iPad Air and why it exists.

Apple’s senior marketing exec tells us the reason for the iPad Air and why it exists.

Apple launched the iPad Pro which is thinner and lighter than the iPad Air 2024 model. So why does anyone consider buying the Air now? Apple gives its reason.

Apple refreshed its iPad lineup earlier this month and tried its best to simplify the models based on what the consumer can spend or wants to do. The new iPad Air and iPad Pro models have confused most people, especially because the 2024 iPad Pro is now lighter and thinner than the iPad Air 2024 version. So, how does Apple now justify the ‘Air’ moniker if that badge belongs to iPad Pro?

One of the senior Apple executives has extensively talked about the recent changes in an interview, and also explained the purpose of the iPad Air in its lineup. Greg Joswiak, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Apple, mentioned that the ‘Air’ iPad now basically brings Pro-exclusive features to a lower price.

iPad Air 2024: Best Of The Pro At Better Price?

He goes on to highlight that the new iPad Air 2024 comes powered by the M2 chipset which was previously offered on the last iPad Pro variant. The Air also now gets a 13-inch model which could make things difficult for the company who would prefer people to buy the fancy, costlier iPad Pro models rather than the Air variant.

After all, who would want to pay $200 (Rs 16,200 approx) more just to get the new OLED display and the AI-powered M4 chipset. And if that wasn’t a concern enough, you also need to invest in the new Apple Pencil Pro and the Magic Keyboard accessories as the older ones go to waste.

Most of you have also been wondering if Apple had always set its sights on downgrading the status of the iPad Air in its portfolio. Joswiak claims the company didn’t think about changing the name of the lineup just because the Pro model is now thinner and lighter than the iPad Air. Finally, he tells the world the purpose of having three iPad models in the market.

He says the iPad 10 is meant for those who want a basic and affordable iPad. The iPad Air gives you some of the premium features at a lower price than the iPad Pro. And the iPad Pro 2024 is trying to give you the best and latest tech upgrades from the company.

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