7 Questions Every Parent Must Ask Their Child Every Day

It is important to talk to your child daily.

It is important to talk to your child daily.

Asking questions will make you understand your kid better and can improve your relationship with them.

Do you also feel detached from your kids? Or is there an emotional gap between you and your child? Well, the best way to counter this problem is healthy communication. Understanding how your kids think and feel is vital for every parent. As they say, communication is the key; so asking them questions will make you understand them better and can improve your relationship too. It allows them to freely express their emotions and reveal hidden truths about themselves.

Here we’ve curated some questions a parent must ask their kids every day:

Every parent must spend some quality time with their kids and ask about their thoughts. Asking such questions will allow your child to think and you’ll be able to understand them better.

Ask your child, “When I am with you or away from you, what feeling comes to your mind?” Asking this question will help you understand the relationship between you and your kid.

Ask, “What is the best memory you have with your family?” Recalling good memories with your kid will enhance your relationship and help you understand how he loves to spend time with the family members.

“Is there anything you want to learn?” Several kids feel lonely or take time to open up about their thoughts to anyone. In that case, asking your kid about new activities they want to learn like a language, swimming, dancing, singing anything, might help them open up in front of you.

“Is there anything that’s making you feel stressed?” Nowadays stress is a major factor affecting a child’s growth. Asking them about their mental health as adults and giving them suitable life advice can make your bond stronger. Dealing with mental problems for a long time can be harmful.

“What makes you happy the most?”- Asking your kid about his likes and dislikes will allow them to openly express himself and his thoughts.

“Is there something you want to know?” Growing kids have several questions frequently arising in their minds. In this way, if they have any question in their mind that they feel hesitant in asking, they will be able to ask you easily.

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