Sony’s New Portable AC Can Help You Fight The Summers But How Much Does it Cost?

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Sony's new portable AC can also help you fight the winter chill

Sony’s new portable AC can also help you fight the winter chill

Sony has launched other versions of the Reon pocket AC in the market but this one looks to upgrade on the features and battery life.

Delhi’s simmering heat is here and people are keeping themselves cool. Sony has a new gadget that can help you remain cool even when you are outside in the heat. The company’s new Reon Pocket 5 is a portable AC that fits on your shirt and helps you beat the summer heat. Sony has launched similar devices before but it claims that the Reon Pocket 5 is more powerful than its previous versions.

Sony Reno Pocket 5 Portable AC: How It Works

Sony says Reno Pocket 5 is a portable AC that fits at the back of your shirt or t–shirt with its clip-like design. The gadget not only keeps you cool in the summers it can also offer comfort when you are moving around in the winters, making it an all-weather portable device.

The Reon Pocket 5 includes five cooling levels and similarly you have 4 levels to control the heating. You can pair the Reon Pocket 5 with its compatible app on Android or iOS device. You can connect the device with your phone via Bluetooth and control the cooling/heating levels based on the temperature in your surroundings. It can run for up to 7 hours across all the cooling levels.

Additionally, Sony offers an auto-start feature which activates the AC when you wear it on the shirt, and turns off when you remove it which many people will appreciate. Reon Pocket 5 isn’t the first product from Sony that offers these features.

In fact, the first Reon product came out in 2019 and this is basically the fifth-gen model which improves on the features and more tech packed into the pocket-friendly gadget. Sony has not talked about the markets where it will be available and for how much but it is unlikely to launch in India like the previous versions.

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