Kayak Just Named This ‘Surprising’ U.S. City the Most Popular Destination for Summer Travel

If you’re not already dreaming up your summer vacation plans, you should be, with Kayak reporting that flight prices are down this summer. Domestic fares within the U.S. have decreased 13 percent, giving travelers some much-needed relief from the sky-high prices of last summer.

But where is everyone headed? Kayak has been evaluating what destinations have had the highest search volume for travel between May 24 and Sept. 3. The results provide a little insight into where people are traveling domestically this summer, with 10 major U.S. cities making the list.

“These are our most-searched-for destinations. So out of billions of annual searches, travelers are turning to these places over and over again,” the Kayak report notes. 

At the top of the popular domestic destination list is Seattle, which Kayak says is “surprising” based on past results. That said, those in the know, are well aware that the cool, notoriously rainy city shines in the summer. Between May and September, the number of rainy days drops significantly, and the temperature hovers around 70 degrees — arguably the ideal summer temperature. The average cost for summer tickets to Seattle is $455, making it the second most expensive destination on the list.

Following Seattle on the list is Las Vegas — a mainstay in the popular destination arena — with an average flight cost of $396. Orlando came in at No. 3 with an average summer flight price of  $328. The most expensive summer destination, Honolulu, came in at No. 4 with an average summer flight price of $780.

Most of the other major U.S. cities were represented, including New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But what surprised Kayak’s data team was the presence of historically less popular “wild card cities” on the list, specifically Denver (No. 6) and Boston (No. 8). Summer flights to Denver average $346, while flights to Boston average $391 this summer. 

Below is a full rundown of the most popular summer destinations in the U.S., according to summer flight searches on Kayak:

1. Seattle
Average summer flight price: $455 

2. Las Vegas
Average summer flight price: $396

3. Orlando 
Average summer flight price: $328

4. Honolulu
Average summer flight price: $780 

5. New York City
Average summer flight price: $378

6. Denver
Average summer flight price: $346 

7. Los Angeles
Average summer flight price: $396

8. Boston
Average summer flight price: $391

9. Miami
Average summer flight price: $375 

10. Chicago
Average summer flight price: $361

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