Giving Your iPhone For Repair? Apple Will Soon Let You Track It Everywhere

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iPhone users could get the new feature to track their device all the time

iPhone users could get the new feature to track their device all the time

Apple is going to release the last iOS 17.5 beta version some time in May and this new feature could be very useful to millions.

iPhone users worry a lot about their device getting misplaced or stolen. Apple has offered them the Find My to feel less worried and keep tracking their iPhone. But most people have to disable the feature when their iPhone goes for repair and now Apple seems to have found a way to sort that problem also.

The iOS 17.5 beta has shown us the way to make sure that iPhone users can track their device when it is at the shop. The company is planning for a new Repair State mode which will keep iPhone users happy and let them track their device all the time.

iPhone Repair State In iOS 17.5 Beta: What Is it And How it Works

Apple generally asks its consumers to turn off Find My on their iPhone when they give it for repair. Apple wanted this for a specific reason which frankly doesn’t make sense to us. But with the new repair state mode, you can stop worrying about the whereabouts of your iPhone. Once you enter your Apple ID and password, the iPhone will be confirmed to be in repair, and allow you to track the device.

You will see the message ‘Ready for repair’ next to the iPhone on the Find My app. It is likely that repair state will have an option in the iPhone settings from where you can enable the feature manually.

The iOS 17.5 beta is likely to roll out in May and should be the last version before iOS 18 is announced at the WWDC 2024 next month. The new iOS version is expected to be AI-charged and we’ll know more about it very soon.

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