Flow Sports Life Academy Dominates 29th Gurugram District Badminton Championship With 28 Gold Medals

The prestigious 29th Gurugram District Badminton Championship 2024 was held in Gurugram from 25th to 28th April 2024. With a staggering total of 1000 entries, the championship witnessed intense competition, showcasing the best of badminton talent in the region. Flow Sports Life Badminton Academy players emerged as the dominant force, securing an impressive tally of 14 Gold and 14 Silver medals across 28 events.

Multiple academies, schools, and independent athletes participated in the championship. The academy swept 28 medals in 28 events maintaining their 100% record of the previous year. This exceptional achievement not only highlights the academy’s commitment to excellence but also reinforces its position as a premier training ground for budding badminton stars.

Among the standout performers are the promising young talents nurtured by the academy – Saanvi Aneja, Aayushman Bhowmick, Navya Goenka, Krishnav Puri, Navya Aswal, and Yashodhara. Their exemplary performances not only contributed to the academy’s success but also earned them the opportunity to represent Gurugram at the state level, marking a significant milestone in their budding careers.

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Commenting on the exceptional accomplishments of the athletes, Sr Badminton Coach Ankit Kumar said, ‘’This victory is not just about the medals; it’s about the hard work, dedication, and passion our players put into every game every day. We extend our gratitude to the Gurugram District Badminton Association for organizing a remarkable tournament.’’

The academy’s success underscores its dedication to nurturing talent and promoting badminton at the grassroots. With structured training and experienced coaches, the academy empowers young athletes. In other recent achievements, the academy players had great performances in the Delhi district championship where Manthan & Kanak clinched six gold medals, and at the Bihar State championship with a 60% sweep, including Saksham Vatsa’s and Vaibhavi Singh’s secured three golds and two silvers respectively.

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Elaborating further, Programme Lead Akul Chauhan said, “It’s truly heartening to note that many of the finalists were young athletes such as Samar, Kavya, and Mayukha exhibited impressive skills and notable progress at the sub-junior level during the district tournament. We need more such tournaments at the grassroots level for each sport. The young athletes are the future of badminton, and we must do everything to support their talent.

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As India prepares to host the Olympics in 2036, we need to continuously improve sports day by day. Coaches and athletes are working together to make sports better little by little every day. We need more of these young academies all over India.

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