Embark on a Culinary Odyssey: HistoryTV18’s New Season of #RoadTrippinWithRocky Takes India by Storm

From Saharanpur to Varanasi, get ready for a road trip like no other!

From Saharanpur to Varanasi, get ready for a road trip like no other!

Join Rocky Singh on a delectable journey through India’s northern landscape as he explores hidden gems, savors local delicacies, and uncovers rich history in the latest season.

The popular adventurer and foodie from India, Rocky Singh, has embarked on a new adventure in the most recent season of the extremely hailed digital series #RoadTrippinWithRocky. His goal is to travel through the northern summer region, relishing the rich history, breathtaking scenery, and treasured cuisine. From May 8 to May 19, audiences can follow him on his captivating journey through picturesque drives and captivating stops on his excursion from Saharanpur to Varanasi. From there, he will reveal must-try restaurants, popular local spots, and hidden gems on the social media accounts of History TV18, Rocky, and Mayur.

Rocky travels from Saharanpur to Meerut on Day 2, arriving there on Day 1 and lovingly remembering Panditji ke Chole Bhature and Kadhi Chawal. The mouthwatering Haleem Biryani is the highlight of a day spent in Meerut. Before moving on to the next stage of his adventure, Rocky will spend a full day seeing the sights and sounds of New Delhi, the nation’s capital and his homeland, on Day 3. Rocky will go from Delhi through the Taj Mahal, Pethas, Agra, and Kanpur before arriving in Lucknow. On his way to Ayodhya, he would stop at Raebareilly for a spiritual feast. The 19th of May marks the conclusion of his voyage in Varanasi, one of the oldest living cities in the world.

On social media, the #Roadtrippin series has reached incredible heights and developed a devoted fan following that looks forward to each new season with great anticipation. Today’s audiences are highly receptive to its digital-first strategy, since they are constantly on the go and have a craving for bite-sized entertainment on many devices. The series has created a winning formula by fusing humour, unique weirdness, and unusual encounters with exhilarating spontaneity. Since its launch, #Roadtrippin has captivated viewers with thrilling adventures spanning more than 20,000 kilometres through 22 states. The campaign has received more than 400 million video views and over 1.4 billion impressions. This unmatched success highlights the series’ special capacity to engage viewers and provide engaging, lasting content.

#RoadTrippinWithRocky Season 9: Watch all the videos of the season on HistoryTV18’s and Rocky and Mayur’s YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

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