Apple Will Now Have To Follow iOS-Like Strict Rules For iPads In EU Countries: Here’s What It Means

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Apple has 6 months to comply with the EU rules for iPad users

Apple has 6 months to comply with the EU rules for iPad users

Apple has already made big changes to iOS for users in the EU region and soon they will get the same benefits on iPadOS as well.

Apple iPad 2024 series launch is just a week away but the company has been jolted by the latest European Union (EU) decision. Apple is now forced to bring iPadOS under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the region, which was also applicable for iOS in the EU countries.

With the new DMA rule, Apple will have to open iPadOS to other developers, and even allow sideloading of apps in the region. With the new iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024 models expected to lineup on May 7, this is the last thing Apple wanted to hear this week.

Apple has run a gated ecosystem with iPads for many years and these limitations seem to have gone against the company with respect to EU’s judgement of iPadOS.

Apple iPadOS DMA Ruling In EU: What It Means For Users

The iPadOS falling within the DMA purview means iPad users can finally take advantage of other app stores, third-party billing systems for App Store and enjoy games like Fortnite thanks to the Epic Games Store now accessible on the platform. Apple has already shown the way with iOS 17.4 and 17.5 beta versions showing what iPhone users in the EU countries can expect from the future iOS versions.

iPadOS also hosts apps on the App Store, and iPad users will be able to install apps from other app stores, as long as they meet Apple’s stringent policies. You can also make payment for apps and subscriptions via third-party websites rather than using the App Store billing system.

iPad users will also get the option to choose their default web browser, which could be Firefox, Chrome or any other app than Safari. You will also be able to uninstall some of the pre-loaded apps from Apple. The iPads have already switched USB-C for charging so we won’t need that to change for the consumers in these countries. With the new iPad launching soon, we expect Apple to share more news on this as it gets 6 months to comply with the EU rules or face hefty fine.

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