Google Now Starts Marking Government Apps On Play Store To Avoid Fake Installs

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Play Store apps are getting new badges, even from the government to keep people safe

Play Store apps are getting new badges, even from the government to keep people safe

Google is worried about the fake apps problem and how people can fall for these apps on the Play Store. These badges should help in some way.

Google is aware of major fake apps problems on the Play Store which can be exploited by bad actors. Now, the company is offering genuine badges for apps that belong to Government entities.

The changes have come into effect on the Play Store in markets like India and we independently verified to see the new feature on the Android app store. Google realises that millions use the Play Store to download apps and when they are advised to use the platform to get new apps, these badges offer them extra surety about the developer.

Google Play Store App Badges For Govt In India: What You Get

When you open the Play Store and search for apps like mAadhaar, Digi Locker or mParivahan, you will see the Govt icon right below the listing. When you tap on the badge, the pop-up box shows up with a message as seen below, saying,” Play verified this app is affiliated with a government entity.”

This is the badge that Google has added recently on the Play Store for users in India. The company has pointed out that over 14 countries are now part of these badges roll out that covers across 2,000 state and central government apps. These badges are essential to keep users informed about the genuine apps, which can be a challenge for many, who end up falling into the trap of fraudulent apps claiming to be from the government.

Google claims that its security checks on the Play Store are solid but previous instances have shown us there are chinks in its armour which it is hoping that badges like these will help people differentiate between the real and the fake apps. The government badge cannot be just handed out to any developer, and it warrants the app publishers to use the official email IDs to host their apps for the consumers.

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