Google Layoff Update: Here’s What The Company Might Do To Replace The Fired Team

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Google is looking to rehire people for these teams in other regions.

Google is looking to rehire people for these teams in other regions.

Google says the layoffs are part of its regular restructure plans for the year but the changes are going to affect the employees in a big way.

Google’s layoff in the US recently has created a lot of concerns among techies in the region. The company is regularly looking at ways to cut its expenses without compromising on the quality of talent. New reports claim Google has laid off at least 200 employees from its Core teams, which includes the Python developer team among others.

The report from CNBC points out Google is planning for these teams to be set up in countries like India and Mexico, which the company sees as its big growing market over the next few years. The core team at Google also includes key technical units from information technology, security foundation, app developers and more, the report adds.

Google has also explained that the recent workforce cutbacks are part of its regular organisational restructuring but many feel that the company’s ongoing pursuit in the AI arena is taking a toll on its existing workforce and the need to cut costs rather than add to its coffers. The business demands have also forced the likes of Google and Meta to lay off people to reduce its expenses and show higher growth which they feel is necessary for the future of the companies.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Google is going to set up a new team in Munich, Germany which will cost Google less than what its local talent commands in salaries. The Python team is basically a group of engineers handling the demands and issues faced by the programming language which is used in various Google products and keeping them running stable.

This isn’t the last time we are hearing about Google layoff stories in the news this year but hopefully the company will plan for these changes rather than throw these surprises on the affected group.

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