Are You Eating The Right Cheese? Nutritionist Explains What Is Good For Health

There is a variety of cheese' to choose from in the market which is why it is better to know the benefits and demerits associated to all. (Image: Shutterstock)

There is a variety of cheese’ to choose from in the market which is why it is better to know the benefits and demerits associated to all. (Image: Shutterstock)

It is very important that one realises what kind of food they are consuming, if you love cheese then this is for you, read on to know what works and what does not-

It is creamy, luscious, and 100 per cent addictive. Yes, we are talking about cheese here. Don’t we all love having cheese with every meal? But the main question that arises is that is cheese even good for our health? There have been several reports in the past that have researched the benefits of different types of cheese. But is it even good enough to be consumed every day?

Recently, a digital creator named Dr Eric Berg, who is a prominent advocate for nutritional wellness, has talked about the benefits of consuming cheese every day, especially for people who look to have high protein in their diet. The catch here is that he isn’t talking about processed cheese; rather, he encourages people to consume goat or sheep cheese.

Dr Eric Berg further says, “I think the best cheese would be goat’s cheese and sheep cheese… and I’m going to focus more on that in this talk. Sheep cheese and goat cheese are A2 casein – that’s the protein, and it’s not going to create as many issues in your digestive system. Some of the oldest people in the world consume sheep and goat cheese.” He also revealed that the amount of lactose is also less in goat or sheep cheese, at just 0.5 per cent.

After Dr. Eric’s claim, Shubha Ramesh L., who is the chief dietician and nutritionist at DHEE Superspecialty Hospital, has talked about the importance of consuming goat cheese. She revealed that goat cheese is an excellent source of protein as compared to cheese that is produced from cow’s milk. These proteins include essential amino acids, which are necessary for bodily functions. She also adds that goat’s and sheep’s cheese is highly bioavailable, which means it is easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

But still, she emphasises that people should not be carried away by the claims made on social media. She emphasises that it is important to consume them in moderation, considering their high fat and sodium content. She also talked about the probiotic benefits of goat cheese, as it has live probiotics in it, which can improve gut health. She also revealed that goat and sheep cheese are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A and B2 (riboflavin).

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