Apple CEO Tim Cook On GenAI: We Are Excited About Our Advantages Over Rivals

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Cupertino, California, USA

Apple CEO has shared these details during the investors call

Apple CEO has shared these details during the investors call

Apple is planning big for AI entry into the market to rival OpenAI and Google this year and we will see more at the WWDC 2024 next month.

Apple has reported slower iPhone sales than estimated in the last quarter but the company is eager to showcase its first-gen Generative AI products and features. Apple CEO Tim Cook has even talked highly about their AI plans and how the company has an advantage over its rivals in the arena.

Cook was speaking to the investors during the Q2 earnings call, where he was quietly excited to give them a glimpse into the AI development work that has been going behind the scenes at the tech giant. “We are making significant investments and we’re looking forward to sharing some very exciting things with our customers soon,” Cook said in the earnings call.

Apple vs Other AI Giants: The Big Difference

He also pointed out that Apple’s biggest advantage in the AI race will be its unique focus with the combination of hardware, software and services integrated with its neural engine.

Apple is unlikely to ditch its focus on privacy with AI, and for that it will rely on the whole ecosystem to give results for its consumers without taking their data to train the AI models. The iOS 18 version coming out later this year will be demoed at the WWDC 2024 in June by Tim Cook and Co. and early reports have talked about the AI differences between Apple and OpenAI or Google’s Gemini.

The call from Cook was basically meant to keep the investors happy and also give Apple the positive PR it needs before the big AI push goes public next month. There is a lot riding on Apple’s AI strategy, especially when it is far behind the crowd but customers as well as the market are eager to see if the hype is worth its salt.

The company has not exactly told us how its AI will be different but we’ll know more about it soon. In the meanwhile, Apple is hosting its first big Let Loose event on May 7 where we could be introduced to the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models along with the third-gen Apple Pencil accessory.

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