AI In Stories: How To Create Unique Backgrounds In Instagram

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Meta is powering the AI tools in Instagram and other apps for users.

Meta is powering the AI tools in Instagram and other apps for users.

Instagram is using Meta’s AI tech to power these features in Stories and we expect to see more tools added soon.

With the global tech landscape experiencing a significant wave of AI transformation, platforms like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Meta are leading the charge by incorporating new AI features. Meta has been at the forefront of introducing innovative AI features to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to enhance user experiences.

A recent addition to Instagram is a new AI feature that enables users to change the background of their stories. Let’s explore how to utilize this AI-powered feature to customize your Instagram Stories.

Instagram’s AI tool empowers users to effortlessly remove backgrounds while preserving the foreground of their photos. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature:

– Capture a photo or choose one from your camera roll.

– Tap on the Story icon located at the top of the screen to initiate editing.

– Tap on the three-dot menu situated at the top right corner.

– Select a backdrop for your story from the available options.

– Instagram will then analyse the image including its background and subjects.

– Users can fine-tune the selection by choosing or deselecting areas they wish to exclude.

– Enter your prompt for the backdrop in English

– Select your desired option and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

– The background of the image will display a checkered pattern, similar to popular photo editing software like Photoshop. After that, a text box will appear asking the users to describe the backdrop they want.

– You can select the desired backdrop.

– When the picture is ready, simply tap on the ‘Your Story’ option.

While AI is being used everywhere, it is quite important to ensure that AI-generated pictures are not misused. Apart from that, it is also important to be mindful of what information you are giving to the AI.

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